Women’s Rights






Our aim as an organisation is for all women and girls to feel able to readily assert agency in all aspects of their lives. In our experience, pregnancy and birth is one of the most important times for this skill to be used. Taking responsibility for your own wellbeing is a huge step to achieving agency in the rest of your life, and we know that it can feel a little bit scary at first. As girls we are not really taught to listen to our intuition or do what feels good, but rather to squash down our inner voice and listen to others (largely men) in society who “know better”. When it comes to our health, this is further reinforced, and when pregnancy and birth are involved women are beaten over the head with it! The socialisation and medicalisation of birth happened at the same time, one could not have come without the other, and the experience of birth has not been the same since.
We are here to support women to take a closer look at the social norms around pregnancy and birth, and to challenge the medicalisation of a normal bodily function, and in doing so, taking responsibility for their own body, baby and birth. Stepping into motherhood feeling confident in yourself, your body and your intuition will remind you that you are a total badass, and you will carry that with you. Ask us about any of the services below by booking an initial chat with us.

There are lots of different ways we can support you leading up to your conception, pregnancy and birth. Whether you are looking for support during your first trimester, with planning your pregnancy and birth, facilitating your motherblessing ceremony, preparing to breastfeed, hiring a birth pool, or for a doula to be by your side for the whole journey – we’re glad you’re here.

There is no better time to think about your postpartum than long before it! We were never supposed to live the way we do now, we were supposed to raise our children with the help of the village. We know that meeting your basic needs can be a challenge once you have a tiny human whose needs are more immediate, so figuring out beforehand what support you have, and where there are some gaps that need filling, is a great place to start. We can support you to plan your postpartum, offer breastfeeding planning and support, we can form part of your support network and even encapsulate your placenta.

Birth itself is as safe as life gets, but death is a part of life so in our role as doulas we are always prepared to support women through loss at any stage. Whenever your loss occurred, it is likely to have had a big impact on you.

It might be that you are currently experiencing a loss and want some in-person support, or it might have happened many years ago but you now feel you want to process what happened. Often women who have experienced a loss carry a lot of fear into future pregnancies, and this is when they feel they need support. We are here to hold space for you and your story, whenever it happened.

Birth trauma is complicated to recover from, and we know that the things that are said to you after your birth have a huge impact on how you feel about it. Birth trauma is often the result of abusive practices by medical staff, and we are not going to make excuses for it.

It can take a long time to get to the point where you are ready to start the journey of recovery, and if you’re at that point then we have a few ways we can support you on your path to healing. For some, taking the sting out of the memories is an important step in order to process effectively – if this is something you’re interested in then the Rewind Technique might be beneficial. And if you are ready to share your story and explore it critically, a holding space session is somewhere you can do that.

Time to reclaim the village?

We know how powerful it can be to be surrounded by women, supporting each other and lifting each other up. There is a reason this sort of behaviour was labelled witchcraft and condemned – because it’s really bloody powerful. We are building a community of women who are taking responsibility for their own wellbeing, are honing their assertiveness skills and are becoming more and more confident each day. These are all skills that are essential during pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Would you like to be a part of this sisterhood? We’d love to welcome you in! Find all of our community groups here.

All of our services, except our community groups, have a fee associated with them. However, if that fee would not be comfortably possible for you to pay please get in touch with us. We are continuously applying for funding in order to keep our services accessible to all women.