Women’s Rights






Greater Manchester Doulas CIC is an organisation run by, for, and with women.

We are passionate about women centring themselves in all aspects of their lives, by making decisions which are best for them.
We’re open about the obstacles to this, such as our socialisation (how we were raised and are expected to behave).

We trust that each woman is the expert on her body, her life, and any children she chooses to have, without exception, and with no limit.

We seek to challenge myths perpetuated by society which imply that pregnancy is an illness, birth is always painful and inherently dangerous, and that either should automatically be medicalised.

We believe women are strong, capable, and autonomous. No matter what age and stage you are at you deserve to feel supported, respected, in control, and powerful.

We maintain our role is to offer witness, companionship, resources and information (when asked), and holistic, women-centred support. We do not give advice or make decisions for you because we know and trust that you are able to do this for yourself. We may ask questions and challenge you at times, this is not because we disagree with your decisions (or agree, we don’t get a say, same as anyone else!), but to try to clarify for you your decision making process.

We believe you birth as you live. We won’t try to change you, you are who you are. We will reflect back to you your own confidence and trust, and that we believe in you. You do you.

Women tend to have more options than they are presented with. We can support you to explore your freedom of choice, without judgement, so you can make decisions that feel right for you.

If you would like to talk to us about our philosophy or any other aspect of our work, please send us a message.