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Ways to support us

As a CIC we are constantly seeking funding pots that we might be eligible for – this is a long and painstaking process but we know it’s worth it. We often get asked by women who have used our services, what they can do to help us continue in our work. To answer that question, we have put together a few things that would have a hugely positive impact on our organisation and support us in continuing on our journey.


Feedback is something that we are rubbish at asking for, but it can do wonders for our funding applications! It’s also a great way for us to learn what our community needs.

We created a general feedback form that can be filled in by anyone who has received support from us in any way, whether that is through our pool hire scheme, a one-off holding space session or more long-term birth support – we want to hear from you. Our whole organisation is built on listening to and meeting the needs of the women we serve, so here is a quick and easy way for you to share your thoughts and experience of working with us.

You can fill in the feedback form here.

Join our community

A lot of women find us through the community groups that we run, so you may already be a part of them. If not, join our facebook group, Wild Women Rising, to keep up to date about our groups and events! This community is at the heart of our work – we love to see it growing and it would be awesome to have you as part of it.

Welcome to the sisterhood

Volunteer with us

We currently have a small number of volunteers but we are always open to taking more on. The role of a volunteer would be guided by what you’re comfortable with but ideally, you would be helping us to run events, projects and community groups, spreading the word and signposting people to us where appropriate. If you’re interested in volunteering with us in any way, please fill out this form.


We are always open to donations of birth books, slings, and other birth paraphernalia to add to our lending library. We are also always looking for donations of birth pools and their accessories for our hire service so if you would like to donate any of these things, please do get in touch!

There are also a few ways you can contribute financially to our organisation; 

  • You can now make donations directly through our website donation page
  • You can make an easy donation through our Ko-fi page
  • You can make one-off donations or set up a monthly direct debit on our Local Giving page. Any amount would be hugely appreciated!
  • If you would rather make a donation via bank transfer, please contact us and we will send you the bank details.

Any of the above actions will have a huge impact on our organisation and we want to thank you in advance for anything you can do to support us.