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Pregnancy support

We have listened to feedback and created a new service for women who are seeking more support during their pregnancy.

Our pregnancy support plan will provide women with as much support as they need, in the form of Zoom calls, in-person sessions at our drop-in points in Greater Manchester, and a private WhatsApp group over three months, so we’re always in your pocket, ready to listen whenever you want to talk.

Who is this for?

This is a good fit for women who don’t feel they need doula support during their labour and birth, but want to benefit from our combined knowledge and experience in the weeks and months leading up to it.

What can you do for me?

We will help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and practically and realistically for becoming a mum – for the first time, or all over again.
We will walk alongside you as you reflect on and process past experiences, whether they were great, disappointing, traumatising, or anything in between, so you can recognise that you are a different woman having a different baby in a different situation, and face this birth afresh.
We will have your back as you challenge any obstacles to your ideal birth.
We will hold space for the whole and complex woman you are.
We will listen, we won’t judge, and we trust wholeheartedly that you are the expert on you.

How does it work?

We would have an initial session to talk about your needs and how you envision us supporting you. It’s really important before embarking on a working relationship that we each feel it’s a good fit, so a get to know you session in the form of a Holding Space is a good place to start. You can book one of these sessions here – the £75 fee will be taken off the total fee for this service if you do decide to go for the longer-term support.

What do you need from me?

The cost of this service is £1300. We usually have full and partial funding options available for women who – for a myriad of reasons – would struggle to pay. Please get in touch to ask us more about available funding.
Our support works best with women who are seeking individualised care and support. You can read more about whether we’d be a good fit here.

How does your model of support look?

Our support is as individual as you are – we aren’t believers in one size fits all approaches!
You may be a problem solver and have a methodical approach.
You may want the back up we provide as you navigate your options and rights.
You may want “me time” with doulas who get you and remind you of how awesome you are.

You can be yourself with us, and we will support you in ways that work for you.

It may be there is one particular thing that’s on your mind, and you want the unwavering support of women who believe in you to help you explore and overcome it.
It might be that you aren’t sure what’s going to come up, but you want the reassurance of having our minds and hearts in your pocket, ready to listen whenever you want to talk.
And it’s completely okay if what’s present for you isn’t related to your pregnancy or birth – when we’re your doulas we’re your doulas, and we’re here for all of it.

After our initial meeting, we will all have a better idea of what your individualised package of support might look like. Below are some ideas of what it might include:

  • A WhatsApp group chat so you can easily reach out to us
  • Unlimited contact by phone and email
  • Regular, private, face-to-face (at our drop-ins) or Zoom meetings
  • Support to plan for post-term pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Reminders about our drop-ins and groups
  • Rewind sessions for processing trauma
  • Support to find relevant information and resources
  • Access to our resource library
  • Follow-up emails from our meetings to help us keep track
  • A plan for when our support comes to an end  

In a nutshell..

We will be your team of doulas, for three months for £1300 via unlimited support sessions (which you can book in advance or as and when) and communication by WhatsApp during your pregnancy.
If you are local and want to borrow books and resources you can pick them up from us.
This service also includes Rewind for Traumatic Birth, if that would be appropriate for you.

As ever, if you want to talk about this offering or anything else, you can contact us for a chat.