Women’s Rights






We have worked with women for years, and found that many of us lack confidence, are afraid of making mistakes, struggle to recognise healthy relationships, and do not trust or love their bodies. We believe that a strong connection to our intuition is the underlying key to overcoming these hurdles, and this is something we aim to nurture in girls. There are a few different ways we can do this, so if you know a girl who is in need of some sisterhood and a boost in confidence, have a look at the support we have on offer.


Wild Girls Rising with Greater Manchester Doulas CIC. 

Circle-based mentorship for every girl aged 8 - 12 who wants to:
claim her self-worth with confidence,
make good friends and be a good friend,
speak her truth to power and peers,
understand, honour, and care for her body,
and tune into her inner compass and trust her intuition.

In 2021 we started our girls circles project, where we talk with girls about self-esteem, confidence, intuition, friendships, stereotypes, boundaries, and assertiveness. We talk about how their bodies have changed already in their lives, and how they will change during puberty and throughout their adult lives. We know that many girls feel apprehensive about puberty because change can feel so huge, but when we look at it as just one of many changes, it doesn’t seem so scary.

During these circles, we create a sacred space where girls can express their feelings openly without judgement. They can explore their interests, learn new skills, and make new friends. We believe that now more than ever, girls need these single-sex spaces to be themselves.

Find out more here.

A touching image of a woman and girl forehead to forehead, with the caption: Holding Space for Girls

We offer a popular Holding Space service, in which girls can talk to two doulas for an hour. The session is for girls and one (or more) women in their lives, like a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, etc. Girls can talk about anything they want, and the doulas will listen with kindness and support.

The sessions can be done online, or in person if you are in Greater Manchester. Funding is available, so please contact us to learn more. Girls must be accompanied by an adult in either setting.

These two ‘coming soon’ offerings are in the pipeline, but if you would like to express an interest in either of them, or would like to share your wisdom around these topics please do get in touch with us!