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Miscarriage & Stillbirth Support

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy can be a sad, scary and isolating experience and if you have found this page because you are suffering loss, we are so very sorry. It can be difficult to reach out to friends and family, especially as there is so much stigma and secrecy surrounding pregnancy loss. We hope you know that your loss matters and that we can be here to support you through this time and help you through your grieving process.

We offer both emotional and practical support to families experiencing loss. These are just some of the ways we can support you but we are flexible and if there is anything else we could do, just get in touch.

Phone and Face to Face Support

Whether you have just found out about your loss or are further along this difficult process, we can chat over the phone or meet face to face about anything that is on your mind. We want to hold space for whatever is going on for you, so you feel listened to and supported during this difficult time.

Loss Birth Doula

We can be a consistent support for you during your loss helping you to feel safe, held and supported during this painful time. We can support you as you navigate your options, attend medical appointments and be present at the birth if you wish. It can be helpful to have the support of someone who can talk you through what is happening during any procedures and help you understand what to expect.

Loss Postnatal Doula

The days and weeks after loss can be challenging and we can offer you support at home as you begin the grieving process. We can support you through any follow-up medical appointments, support you through your physical recovery and be there to just listen and hold space for you.

You can book a holding space session either in-person or via Zoom here. If you would like to talk about visits to your home, please book a free initial interview here.