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Meet the Team

We are the Team that makes up Greater Manchester Doulas CIC. The great thing about a collective is that we all bring our own knowledge and unique experiences to the table. So read on to find out more about what makes us who we are and the wisdom we each bring to GMD CIC. Click on our pics for more.

Elle • founding director & doula

Elle is a founding director and a doula living in South Manchester with her kids, dogs, and cats. She is usually found crocheting or playing video games. Being a full spectrum doula is her true passion and purpose. She is also our resident placenta specialist and a breastfeeding peer supporter.

Amy • director and doula

Amy is a sister, an Aunty and a doula living in Warrington. She loves travelling and being outside in nature, but also loves curling up inside with a hot water bottle and a book. She likes to be independent and speak up for what she believes in.

Sarah • freelance doula

Sarah is a mother and a doula. She supports women antenatally and postnatally, bringing so much love and empathy to every meeting.
We and the women she supports as a freelancer for GMD are so incredibly grateful for the knowledge and heart she shares through her work.
Sarah loves learning, and being out in Nature.

Gemma • director and safeguarding

You may not meet Gemma as she’s well and truly behind the scenes at GMD CIC, but we hugely appreciate her presence, her support, and her wisdom.
You might recognise her name as she founded and runs Yes Matters UK, an organisation which addresses gender stereotypes, male mental health, sexual objectification and rape culture, child sexual abuse and exploitation, domestic abuse recovery, and victim support.

Gemma is passionate about young people’s empowerment and demonstrates this in so many ways.
She’s a published author and she’s won a bunch of awards in recognition of her work.
She’s been delivering PSHE and RSE lessons in secondary schools for ten years. PSHE is compulsory in schools because of her.
She provides professional training to teachers, police, youth workers and social workers.
She gives inspirational talks – book one here.
As well as wearing all the hats at Yes Matters UK, she also volunteers for GM Women and Girls Panel for Equality, The Greater Manchester Violence against Women and Girls Working Group, Bolton Council Misogyny Motion Task Force, and she is a member of Baroness Nicholson of Winterbournes Women and Girls Rights Group.

Gemma is a carer.

We are sure you’ll agree that she is absolutely the best person for the role of Safeguarding Lead at GMD CIC.