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Full Spectrum Doulas

Doulas are most commonly known for providing information and continuous physical and emotional support through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. However, we see that as one part of a spectrum of experiences, and we bring this model of care to all life events and transitions.

What is a full spectrum doula?

In short a full-spectrum doula offers support across the full spectrum of experiences. We trust women and their inherent strength to make the best decisions for themselves, offering witness, companionship, information, resources, advocacy, and support. Here are some of the ways that our full spectrum ethos influences our work as doulas and the support we offer:

Conception Support

Every pregnancy has to start with conception! As full spectrum doulas, we can support you in looking at your physical and emotional health and wellbeing before you are even pregnant, helping you to be in the very best place before heading into any future pregnancies. For some, growing a baby isn’t easy and not every pregnancy and conception journey is plain sailing. We can be there to support you through these possibly challenging times.

Abortion Support 

We are pro-women and pro-choice, providing non-judgemental, compassionate support, focused solely on your feelings and nurturing you. We can provide one to one support before, during, and after your abortion, and as always it is completely tailored to your needs and wishes.

Freebirth Doula Support

As your freebirth doulas we will provide information, and continuous emotional and practical support for you and your family throughout your pregnancy, birth, and the early days with your newborn.

Miscarriage and Stillbirth Support

We offer our holistic support to families experiencing loss. We hope you know that your loss matters, and that we can be with you through this time throughout your grieving process.

Postnatal Doula

The first few weeks following any birth can be a whirlwind. As your postnatal doulas, we will provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support for you and your family, helping you to adjust to life with a new baby.

Holistic Support

We recognise that each of these experiences are significant individually but also interconnected, and we bear this in mind throughout our relationship. For example, previous trauma may influence how you feel about a future birth, which could have an impact on your needs and the type of doula support you want. As full spectrum doulas our support is always holistic and women-centred. We support you as a whole person, and see you as more than your current pregnancy and birth.

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