Who hires a doula?

This is something we get asked a lot, and the short is answer is… anyone!

The long answer is that we have been doulas for all types of families in all kinds of situations. We support single parents, those completely lacking support, and women who want extra support for birthing partners. Women who are frightened or anxious, who have been traumatised, or who are concerned about birth trauma. We serve women who wish to be undisturbed, women who are seeking continuity in their care, or who are birthing outside the system completely.

Doulas support families birthing first babies, rainbow babies, and multiples. Our support remains if you are birthing at home or in the hospital, in water, on dry land. Whether you are birthing by caesarean, unassisted, through inductions, or after caesareans – it’s you as a person that we support.

Families who want someone:

  • who will come over at any point in labour and remain an unwavering source of support
  • to advocate with them
  • present at the birth who they know and trust, who is outside the family and medical team
  • who knows the rights of the pregnant and birthing woman
  • to hold the space for the birth as it unfolds, with confidence and humility
  • skilled in comfort measures
  • happy to provide an extra pair of hands for siblings on the big day
  • for whom birth is an emergence and not an emergency
  • whose sole focus is caring for their entire wellbeing
  • with a constant flow of reassurance and calm
  • to support them practically with the business and the miracle of having a baby
  • to support the partner to care for the labouring woman, relieved of the pressure of having to remember everything *and* enjoy the birth
  • they can call, text or email and meet who has been there, and understands

There is no “ideal” client for us. Everyone who hires us has their own reasons for doing so, and we treating each woman as the individuals they are.

There are some things that stay the same with every client. We listen to them, and meet them where they are with no agenda, in confidentiality, without judgement, while holding them in unconditional positive regard.

We understand the importance of applying flexibility in our roles, but the basic needs of the labouring woman are always on our minds.
We believe that when she is warm, and her needs for privacy, to feel safe, and to feel unobserved are met, that the hormonal event that is childbirth has the best chance of being straightforward.

Even if you’re unsure about what you want or need, contact us to chat about your options