Community Groups

Each group alternates between Zoom and in-person. Please see the events page on our Facebook to find out where the next one will be.

Greater Manchester Doulas CIC facilitate a variety of community groups across Manchester. They are all free to attend (donations are welcomed), and are great opportunities to meet like-minded women in your community.

Women Reclaiming Birth
A space for women and their children who want to surround themselves with positive birth stories. There is so much power in storytelling, and hearing others’ experiences is a great way to prepare for your own empowering birth.

South Manchester Home Birth Group
A group for anyone who has had or is planning a home birth, or for anyone who is interested in finding our more. Come along, ask questions, and share your home birth stories over brews and biscuits.

Freebirth Group
A safe space for anyone who is interested in freebirthing. Whether you have had a freebirth or are planning to free birth, you are welcome to share your stories and thoughts with like-minded women.

Wild Women Rising
The group is so named because we wanted to recreate a little of the magic of red tents, or women’s circles, during the day, in a child-friendly environment. A safe group for women who maybe don’t feel as though they fit in elsewhere because of their more alternative views and choices. This is currently a WhatsApp group with occasional casual meet-ups.
This group is open to mothers, grandmothers, and women without children.

Manchester Birth Workers Circle
Just as we want the women and families of our community to feel confident connected to one another, we want the people working for the same ends to feel supported too.
Every month we meet in a child-friendly and accessible location, to share practical information about working in this field, including how to care for ourselves in challenging times.
These meets are open to all, including those considering working in the childbearing year, and around infant loss.