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Support with breastfeeding changes

For those women who have been breastfeeding for a while now (go you!!) and have some changes coming up, we’re here to support you!

This might be:

  • preparing to feed another baby
  • you or your partner returning to work
  • planning a holiday
  • dropping feeds
  • preparing to bring your feeding journey to an end
  • grief or other feelings coming up when your breastfeeding journey ends
  • Any kind of changes or adjustments that you’d like support with

Book an online one-to-one breastfeeding support session here.

Or if you would prefer a breastfeeding peer supporter to come and visit you at your home, you can book an in-person support session here.

For more general emotional support around changes happening for you, have a look at our holding space sessions and our longer-term with woman support plan.

We have funding options available for anyone who would be unable to pay the fee – if this would be a barrier for you please get in touch before booking.