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Our offerings at a glance

What is a full spectrum doula?

Doulas are most commonly known for providing information and continuous physical and emotional support through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. However, we see that as one part of a spectrum of experiences, and we bring this model of care to all life events and transitions. A full spectrum doula offers support across the full spectrum of experiences. We trust women and their inherent strength to make the best decisions for themselves, offering witness, companionship, information, resources, advocacy, and support.

Holistic Support

We support you as a whole person, and see you as more than your current pregnancy and birth. We recognise that you are a complex being and the experiences that you have will be connected to many aspects of your life, which is why our support is always woman-centred and holistic. For example,  previous trauma may influence how you feel about a future birth, which could have an impact on your needs and the type of doula support you want. This is why you can pick and choose what support you want from us and we will make it work for you.


One-off or Short-term Support

Holding Space

We offer one-off 1hr ‘holding space’ sessions, currently via Zoom, with two doulas. These can be used to talk about anything that is on your mind whether that is birth-related or not and can encompass anything that is important to you. Nothing is too deep or heavy, we see you as a whole and complex woman, and we’re here to hold space for all of that. You can book your one-off holding space session via Zoom or in-person here.

Abortion Support

We are pro-women and pro-choice, providing non-judgmental, compassionate support, focused solely on your feelings and nurturing you. We can provide one to one support before, during, and after your abortion, and as always it is completely tailored to your needs and wishes. This can also be longer-term support if that is what you want.

Birth Pool Hire and Support

We run a donation-based birth pool hire service that includes antenatal and postnatal support sessions. This gives women the opportunity to talk about their birth plans or any barriers they find themselves coming up against, and also a place to talk about their birth afterwards.

Traumatic Birth Recovery

This simple but effective 3-step process neutralises the strong emotions currently associated with the traumatic event so you can keep the narrative of what happened without the overwhelming feelings. 


Longer-term Support

With Women

This is a longer-term option for support in any aspect of life, not just during pregnancy and birth. ‘With Women’ is a 3-month plan of support that includes a Whatsapp group chat with the doulas, unlimited holding space sessions, unlimited contact via phone/Whatsapp/email and includes the option of rewind sessions for processing trauma. 

Conception Support

Every pregnancy has to start with conception! As full-spectrum doulas, we can support you in looking at your physical and emotional health and wellbeing before you are even pregnant, helping you to be in the very best place before heading into any future pregnancies. For some, growing a baby isn’t easy and not every pregnancy and conception journey is plain sailing. We can be there to support you through these challenging times.

Virtual Pregnancy Support

This is a 3-month support plan that includes a WhatsApp group chat with the doulas, unlimited contact via phone/text/email and as many antenatal sessions via Zoom as you like. This is a good fit for women who don’t feel they need doula support during their labour and birth, but want to benefit from our combined knowledge and experience in the weeks and months leading up to it.

Freebirth Support

This support plan includes holistic pregnancy support and in-person support at your freebirth. This can look different for every woman, but the support we offer is always led by you and is built around your needs.

Miscarriage and Stillbirth Support

We offer our holistic support to families experiencing loss. We hope you know that your loss matters, and that we can be with you through this time throughout your grieving process.

Postnatal Support

The first few weeks following any birth can be a whirlwind. As your postnatal doulas, we will provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support for you and your family, helping you to adjust to life with a new baby.


Birth Worker Mentorship

We have learned so much – from each other and about ourselves – and the way we support women has evolved, and continues to evolve, in huge ways. Having a safe space to debrief what we witness and to continually reflect upon our work has been key in being able to continue offering personalised, woman-centred support. We understand how important a supportive community is and want to create that space within Greater Manchester (and further afield) so that we can learn from each other and lift each other up.

One-off Support Sessions

These sessions can be used for debriefing, business support, a space to reflect, a learning opportunity on specific topics or just to feel held by women who understand what it’s like to work in the birth world. 

Birth Worker Support Package

This is a 3-month package of support, within which you can utilise your unlimited sessions however works for you. This package can also includes access to the 3-step rewind therapy for processing any of your own trauma, opportunities to share your offerings with our community, access to all of our resources and lending library to share with your clients, and ongoing support even after the three months comes to an end.


Other Services

Community Groups

We run four different community groups: Wild Mothering Circle, Home Birth, Freebirth and Women Reclaiming Birth. These are currently run via Zoom and are very casual – you’re welcome to join late/leave early and children are always welcome too.

Placenta Encapsulation

The reported benefits of placenta remedies post-birth are wide-ranging from increased energy levels to increased milk production. We offer a placenta encapsulation service using vegan capsules.

Educational Videos

We have made and will continue to make a series of videos on various topics around pregnancy and birth. You can find a mixture of these videos in a few different places at the moment – head to our Facebook page, our Manchester Pregnancy and Birth Support group and our YouTube channel

Resource Lending Library

We have a wide collection of digital resources, audio files and books on both general and specific topics around birth, breastfeeding, veganism, women’s rights, and feminism. Please do get in touch if you would like to access any of these resources.


If you would like to book a free, no obligation initial interview you can do so here.