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Planning to breastfeed

Planning your postpartum is a key part of birth prep, but is often forgotten. In much the same way as birth, breastfeeding requires your basic needs to be met for it to go smoothly, so it’s useful to plan out ahead of time how you can meet those needs and who you can call on to help you do that.

Sarah, a wonderful breastfeeding peer supporter and doula, is offering ‘preparing for breastfeeding’ workshops in small groups via Zoom. You can book onto one of these workshops here.

What you will get from this workshop:

  • realistic information about normal newborn behaviour so you can feel confident that you’re doing a great job
  • learn what will make your breastfeeding journey easier
  • learn how to avoid the things that might make breastfeeding more difficult
  • dispel any myths that you might have heard about feeding, sleeping and newborn behaviour
  • partners will gain a better understanding of how they can effectively support the breastfeeding journey
  • meet other women who are planning to breastfeed
  • meet Sarah, our breastfeeding peer supporter, who can support you through any part of your breastfeeding journey
  • a follow-up email with any additional resources

For some women, it might be that you have lots of specific questions about your own situation and you would prefer a one-to-one breastfeeding planning session, rather than be in a group. You can book one either in-person or online.

A smooth breastfeeding journey starts with a smooth birth, so we have put together a planning pack that covers both birth and your postpartum. View and download your free birth and postpartum planning pack at the bottom of this page. If you would like to talk about planning your birth, have a look at our holding space sessions.

We have funding options available for anyone who would be unable to pay the fee – if this would be a barrier for you please get in touch before booking.