lesbian commune

Wild Women Rising

The group is so named because we try to recreate a little of the magic of red tents, or women’s circles.

We show up as we are, and share whatever is going on for us. We listen to one another, we nurture each other, and we hold space for one another.

We see in our daily work that women are so often socialised to be quiet and compliant, to not be too opinionated and to always put their own needs last. We like to challenge those messages and facilitate a  space for you to break away from that socialisation.

The main aim of this group will be to build self-confidence, self-care and healthy boundaries. We want this to be a safe, non-judgemental space for you to talk about all sorts of topics – suggestions for topics are always welcome – so come along as you are and see what comes up for you.

The venue does not allow children, babes in arms are welcome though.

This is a women-only group.

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