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Mothers Day

This isn’t the post I sat down to write about mothers day. I was looking for that post that will inevitably do the rounds, about how it’s about everyone, including women who have chosen not to be mothers. It irks me every year, as does every single like and share of it. Mothers day is […]

We love supporting vegan mothers

If you are a vegan then you’re probably already very aware of how people perceive the vegan diet as somehow lacking. Add pregnancy into the mix and everyone is suddenly very concerned about your nutrition and will no doubt give you lots of unsolicited bullshit.

Induction: Are women really free to choose?

When is induction an informed choice? If girls were brought up surrounded by women who gave birth undisturbed and breastfed openly, would they ever doubt their body’s ability to give birth? If a woman was taught to trust her intuition, to listen to her body and trust in the birth process, would she ever feel […]

What are you inviting a midwife for?

If you answer the above questions and have a long list of reasons why you want a midwife to attend your birth, that’s wonderful - you can now write a really clear birth plan for her so she knows what you need. If you answer the questions and decide that having a midwife present wouldn’t benefit you, also great - you can plan your ideal birth knowing what you actually want, and remember that you don’t have to tell people that’s your plan if you’re worried about their reaction. It’s your information to share or not.

Maternal Mental Health Week

This is a big week for those of us in the birth world. There are so many posts flying around about how important it is, but they seem empty to me, because they don’t address the heart of the matter, which is that almost every level of society tortures mothers. Women and girls are […]

How to plan your birth during a midwife shortage

 During covid times it became standard practice to cancel homebirth services due to staffing levels. There wasn’t much logic behind this at the time given that this funnelled many healthy women into hospital, but it was accepted by many. This seems to have continued, with women being told weeks before their due date that there […]