Rebirth Ceremony

Rebirth Ceremony

What is a rebirth ceremony?

A rebirth ceremony is an opportunity to prepare for and recreate the gentle, reverential birth you had hoped for, completely on your terms. Following your wishes entirely, we will bring our calm and positive presence, and focus our attention on you and your needs during this precious time.

Why would I have a rebirth ceremony?

A rebirth ceremony can help a mother, her baby, and her whole family to process a birth that didn’t go to plan.

Perhaps your birth unexpectedly became a medical event, or happened quicker than anticipated. Maybe it wasn’t treated as the reaffirming life event it could have been, or there wasn’t enough time for bonding.

You are creating the opportunity to take your time cradling and cuddling your baby in the warm water, talking to one another as only you can, surrounded by those you choose. These are your moments, and they can be healing and beautiful.

I had my baby years ago, is it too late?

The benefits of this special ritual have no deadline, so if your baby is no longer a baby that’s okay.

Where do doulas come into it?

Your reasons for seeking a rebirth are personal to you, and you needn’t disclose anything to us. But we are here for you and we will listen without judgement to whatever you wish to share. You can tell us as little or as much as you want, it’s up to you.

We can chat and reminisce about your pregnancy, and hold space for any thoughts and feelings that come up. Our role can look different for each ceremony but some of the things we can offer are:

  • a support session beforehand to talk through any aspect of your pregnancy or birth
  • help with planning your ceremony
  • practical support in organising your ceremony
  • we can help create an atmosphere that helps you feel relaxed and comforted, light candles, and offer massage, food and drinks
  • nurturing you as you get ready to re-meet your little one, however you imagined you would
  • birth pool hire

We will be on hand to support you and your family throughout your experience, emotionally and physically, in any ways you want us to be.

If you are considering a rebirth ceremony please get in touch. We can discuss by email your plans, options you may wish to explore, and how you’d like us to support you. You don’t need to have a concrete plan before sending us a message. We are flexible and each rebirthing ceremony is individual.

Read a beautiful rebirth story here.


The fee for this will vary depending on what support you would like from us. We do often have funding available for support so please don’t hesitate if you think finances would be a barrier.

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