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All about Elle

Why am I a doula?Photo of doula Elle James

When I was growing I told myself not to pursue a career until I found my lifework. I was patient, and when I was 29 and pregnant with my second child I finally discovered my passion and purpose.

It’s a job that doesn’t feel like one. On paper it can look tough, with its potential for long and unpredictable hours perhaps without breaks, unknown periods of time away from home and family, lack of flexibility, and a general inability to be reliable to anyone besides your client. And it is tough sometimes, but I couldn’t do anything else now. I love it so much that I can’t even imagine retiring.

Things that matter

I am honoured to have witnessed many amazing births. What matters to me is that your decisions are exactly that: yours. What’s important to me is that you know your rights and options, and that your choices are listened to and respected. I want you to feel seen, heard, nurtured, strong, and powerful.

How might I support you?

However you’re feeling and whatever birth you’re planning, I will listen without judgement and support you in your own way. I want to hear what having a doula means to you. My role is defined by you, and shaped by your individual needs and wishes.

I did my initial doula course with Michel Odent, and my ethos reflects his. I have completed other trainings but his words have stayed with me above all others. I am inspired by Sheila Kitzinger, and women in general.

My other hats

When I am not working with women I have a few other hats, although they are all worn under the same umbrella.

I am a breastfeeding peer supporter.

I crochet for the home and family, specialising in maternity accessories and babywear. I make affordable cotton cord ties, as a soft and colourful alternative to plastic cord clamps.

I encapsulate and otherwise prepare placentas.

I support birth in any trimester, and am always available to walk with families in their grief. It is imperative for me to be able to offer the same level of care and attention when parents are facing infant loss as any other outcome.

If you would like to work with Elle and Greater Manchester Doulas CIC, please get in touch.