Women’s Rights





Our Story

Who are we?

We are a small and dedicated team who love what we do and are endlessly passionate about supporting women with honesty and heart.


The beginning

We worked as doulas individually before coming together as a collective, then formed a CIC so we could apply for funding and support women who could not, for a variety of reasons, afford to pay for doula services.


About a year after becoming incorporated Amy quickly became a good friend and a crucial member of GMD CIC. In September 2021 she officially became a director.

In Spring 2022 we welcomed Sarah as a freelancer, who had quite the journey to working with us.

Why a collective?

It was always apparent that we have a similar ethos and approach to supporting women. We had a strong sense we would work well together, supporting each other and the women we serve.

Forming a collective means we support and challenge one another, ensuring we grow and develop as doulas. It’s a more sustainable way of working, and it offers women more reliable and consistent support.
Whilst we share a similar ethos, we have individual experiences and perspectives that the women benefit from – working together gives women access to a wider breadth of experience and resources.

The shared care we provide means women can build a relationship with each of us. As as result they can feel reassured that a doula they know and trust is there to support them.