Women’s Rights





Abortion Support

As full spectrum doulas our work is not just in supporting planned, positive childbirth experiences, but covers the entire spectrum of pregnancy outcomes, including abortion.

A doula is often the one person in the room who is solely focused on the emotional and psychological needs of the birthing woman – not a medical professional or even a family member – just a supporter who has no other agenda, who will support your choices no matter what. We believe this essence is just as valid in abortion care.

We are pro-women and pro-choice, providing non-judgemental, compassionate support, focused solely on nurturing your needs throughout your experience. We can provide one to one support before, during and after your abortion, depending on the method chosen. The support we offer is always completely tailored to your needs and wishes but some of the ways we can help include:

  • One-on-one support during certain parts of the abortion or throughout the entire experience
  • Emotional support
  • Be there for aftercare
  • Answering questions and signposting to other support services
  • Providing logistical information, including where and how to get an abortion
  • Supporting partners/family/friends/support people with the experience

If you are considering an abortion and would like to book a ‘holding space’ session with us you can do so here. If you decide that you would like longer-term support after this session the cost will be deducted from the total fee.

If the £75 session fee would be a barrier for you please get in touch before booking your session.