Community Groups

Greater Manchester Doulas CIC facilitate a variety of community groups in Manchester. They are free to attend (although donations are welcomed), and are great opportunities to meet like-minded women in your community.

Women Reclaiming Birth
A space for women and their children who want to surround themselves with positive birth stories. There is so much power in storytelling, and hearing others’ experiences is a great way to prepare for your own empowering birth.

Chorlton Home Birth Group
A group for anyone who has had or is planning a home birth, or for anyone who is just interested in finding our more. Come along, ask questions and share your home birth stories over brews and biscuits.

Free Birth Group
A safe space for anyone who is interested in free birthing. Whether you have had a free birth or are planning to free birth, you are welcome to share your stories and thoughts with other like-minded women.

The Wild Mothering Circle
The group is so named because we wanted to recreate a little of the magic of red tents, or womens’ circles, during the day, in a child-friendly environment. A safe group for mothers who maybe don’t feel as though they fit in elsewhere because of their more alternative views and choices.