Birth Pool Hire

Following requests from local families, and with help from the Asda Green Token Giving scheme, we are excited to offer accessible birth pool hire to women in Greater Manchester.

greater manchester birth pool hire

Why water birth?

Waterbirth is a wonderful option for many women giving birth. We want to ensure this is accessible to any local women who would like a birth pool at home. 

Women tell us that labouring and birthing in water helped them to feel more relaxed. They say the use of a pool supported them to birth with minimal intervention and research supports this.

There is a perception that water is just nice. But it is the most effective form of pain relief barring an epidural in labour. I would like to see more women using water and fewer women using the types of pain relief that are less effective
– Dr Julia Sanders, a consultant midwife and member of the group which drew up the NICE guidance. 

women be given a drink in a birth poolStudies have shown that the potential benefits of water birth include:

  • Less pain and higher satisfaction with the birth experience
  • Less medication use for pain relief
  • Less use of artificial oxytocin
  • Shorter labours
  • Higher rates of normal vaginal birth
  • Lower rates of episiotomy
  • Higher rates of intact perineum
  • Lower rates of third and fourth-degree tears
  • Lower rates of postpartum haemorrhage

How does it work?

Our standard pool hire is for six weeks, from approximately 37 weeks of pregnancy. Pools can be collected from Fallowfield or Warrington. When you have finished with your pool we ask that you clean it, dry it, and return it as you’d wish to receive it.

In addition to loaning the equipment, we offer support in the form of funded  Holding Space sessions. These are one hour private sessions in-person or over Zoom, with two doulas, to discuss anything that’s on your mind. You might want to talk about a previous birth, your rights and options, your birth plan, or potential obstacles to your upcoming ideal birth. Our data tells us that women who access this support are more likely to birth at home.

women in a birth pool hugging her husbandEach pool is loaned with an air pump for blowing up the pool and a water pump for emptying. You will need to purchase a liner, hose and tap connector. Liners and hoses can be purchased through us if we have them in stock.

If you would like to hire a pool, please have a read of our FAQs then complete our booking form. We’ll then get back to you asap confirming details of your pool hire or offering you a spot on the wait list.

How much does it cost?

Our hire scheme is free to use. However, we ask for a suggested donation for those who can contribute.

A standard pool is only designed for a single use, but with proper care can be used around five times. This works out at around £25 per birth, and a donation of this amount covers the cost of its use and replacement.

Financial situation

Suggested donation

No income (including those who do not have access to their household income)


Receiving means tested benefits e.g. Universal Credit, Income Support


Receiving tax credits


Everyone else

£50 +

The aim of this service is to make water birth available to everyone, regardless of their situation. If your circumstances make it difficult to make a donation, we understand.

For those who can contribute, it will go directly to supporting more families and allow the scheme to remain accessible to all.
Every donation is much appreciated, be it monetary, or unused equipment.

We also ask for a deposit of £80 to be paid before your pool is collected. This will be returned to you when we receive the pool and accessories back in good clean condition.

If you would like to chat more about how the pool hire service works please get in touch or complete our booking form if you would like to hire a pool.