Women Reclaiming Birth Circle

At present we are running this group over Zoom. Please follow our Facebook for the link and to stay up to date.

Amy and Elle facilitate the Women Reclaiming Birth Circle every month, both as doulas and as women who are passionate about women taking back power over their bodies and births.

This group is a safe and supportive circle for women to get together and explore their autonomous choices in conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Whether you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or have a birth story to share, you are more than welcome to join us. Little ones are very welcome as always.

We’ll hold space for each other’s questions, stories, thoughts about the monthly theme, and anything else that comes up for each of us.
This group does not shy away from sharing and exploring difficult experiences, but is not for processing trauma. Please contact us privately to arrange an informal chat, a Holding Space session, or Rewind therapy. We have funding available for women recovering from or facing birth trauma.

Join us on the Women Reclaiming Birth Facebook Page.