Wild Women Rising

This group is currently in the form of a WhatsApp group with occasional informal meet-ups. Please join our Facebook group Wild Women Rising for details of how to join.

It is now open to all women, whether you have children or not. The village we want to create has women of all ages and stages, and we welcome you.

The group is so named because we try to recreate a little of the magic of red tents, or womens’ circles.

We show up as we are, and share whatever is going on for us. We listen to one another, we nurture each other, and we hold space for one another.

The wild part comes from it being a space for the women who may stand out at other groups for making decisions against the mainstream. Women at this group are likely to do or want to know more about some or all of these wild things: breastfeeding, elimination communication, babywearing, cosleeping, freebirth, alternative medicine etc.

Drop us a message if you’re interested in joining the community.