Welcome to Greater Manchester Doulas CIC, a grassroots organisation run by, for, and with women.
Amy, Lori and Elle are full spectrum doulas and friends, working together to support women and girls across the North West.


We are still here, and still attending births in person and virtually. We are working throughout the pandemic, and we will still be here as our communities recover. The support we offer has never been as needed, and we urge anyone who is struggling to get in touch. We are still here for you, and we have funding available for most of our services.
Some of our ways of working have temporarily changed, so we have edited our website to include the measures which are in place for the time being.


We offer a variety of support to meet the needs of our local area. From free community groups, to single 1:1 sessions, to longer term 1:1 support over the course of months, we always bring the same emotional, practical, and educational, non-judgemental support.
We listen, we hold space, and we provide decision making tools and resources so you can know all your options and choose what’s right for you – and we’ll have your back the whole time.


On top of our direct work, we are constantly sourcing and securing funding so that we can offer some of our services for free or low cost for women whose financial situation would be a barrier to receiving the support she needs.


Whatever you’re going through, if you need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or space to explore your feelings and options with a small, dedicated group of women who will be there for you no matter what, please to get in touch and fill out our enquiry form.


Our beliefs


Mental health is at least as important as physical health. We do not accept that supporting mental health is the cherry on top of maternity care, or a ‘nice to have’.
Good mental health is essential to get through the challenges of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, which is why our work revolves around building and protecting it.
Every woman has innate bodily wisdom, and that it can be trusted completely.
Birth is safest and most enjoyable when led by the woman’s own intuition.
Every woman is the expert on her own body, baby, and situation, and that her autonomy over each is sovereign. 


Our values


Appropriate support is vital for preventing and healing from perinatal mental health issues. Doulas can be a consistent part of your support network during pregnancy and after you have your baby.
It is essential that women enter motherhood feeling safe, supported, connected, informed, strong, and confident – for themselves, for their families, and for the communities in which they live.
Each doula in our organisation is different to one another, but we all provide the same level of support, and are all working to the same end, with the same ethos.
We listen, we care, and we do not judge.
We each provide emotional, practical, and educational support, in a variety of ways.


Our vision


Our vision is a world where all women and girls live in power and full health, free from violence and oppression.


Our mission


Our mission is to support women to realise their innate power and wisdom by:


  • Defending women’s human rights
  • Providing holistic support and accessible education
  • Building sisterhood between women


Doulas Lauren and Elle


Two years ago Greater Manchester Doulas became a Community Interest Company. As a social enterprise we are able access funding opportunities to broaden the reach of our work. Being a CIC creates opportunities to make our services more accessible. 


If you would like to support Greater Manchester Doulas CIC donations and profits from our Etsy store help us to keep doing the work we do.


Our new projects for 2020


This year we are launching three new projects, in keeping with our vision for the women and girls of Manchester. These are:



Pool hire We believe the comfort and privacy that comes with being in water during labour should be available to every women who wants it. Our funded hire service aims to overcome barriers such as cost, logistics, misinformation, and lack of support by making it an accessible option for all. This project is up and running!


Girls circles Girls are especially vulnerable to negative messages about their bodies and their place in the world. Wild Girls Rising will address healthy boundaries, relationships, and foster a strong sense of integrity in local girls. 
This project has been postponed due to current restrictions – please join our mailing list for updates.


Antenatal workshops Knowing and becoming comfortable asserting our human rights is crucial to understanding our options and preparing for birth realistically. This project has been postponed due to current restrictions – please join our mailing list for updates.