With Women

With Women offers women three months of continuous support through any challenging life events and transitions. As skilled doulas we will listen, hold space, and offer support you feel is right for you and your individual needs and circumstances.

Women tell us that they don’t always have enough support and information to tackle difficult life events, so we wanted to create a service that would offer holistic support at any time of a woman’s life, not just during pregnancy and birth. Through this we can support women to centre themselves in their own experiences and make informed decisions in all areas of their lives.

Initial meeting

We offer a funded meeting where we can meet face to face (most likely over a cuppa!) to get to know each other a little more. There is no expectation at all, and we are happy to get together for a chat either at your home or a place of your choosing. During this initial meeting we might discuss what has been going on for you, what support you would like and how we might help. This is a good opportunity to make sure we are a good fit and you can get a better feel for whether we are the right doulas for you.

How it works

This package of support is very much like our Holding Space service, but the support is continuous and over a three month period rather than a one off session.

After our initial meeting, we will all have a better idea of what your individualised package of support might look like. Below are some ideas of what it might include:

  • A WhatsApp group chat so you can easily reach out to us for support
  • Unlimited contact by phone and email
  • Regular, private, meetings that can be either face-to-face or via Zoom
  • Advocacy at meetings with others
  • Rewind sessions for processing trauma
  • Support to find relevant information and resources
  • Access to our resource library
  • Follow-up emails from our meetings to help us keep track
  • A plan for when our support comes to an end  

Our fees

The cost for our With Women package is £1300.

We believe we are the only service to offer this level of commitment, and the opportunity to build a relationship with two doulas. Our fee reflects not only this, but our extensive experience in supporting women.

As a community interest company, are able to offer a fee reduction to the client in certain circumstances when we have funding available.

We also offer gift cards in various amounts, as people are realising that the experience of how we are born is more important than the stuff we accrue.

If you think we might be the right doulas for you, or you would like to chat more about how we might support you, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.