Indoor resources for all ages

We know this is a trying time for everyone, so we put together some free resources for all ages.

If there are any you’d like to see added to the list, or you’re running an online event yourself you’d like to share, email us at

Family activities

A collection of fun songs, complete with backing tracks

Mindfulness flashcards for kids

List of education companies offering free subscriptions

50 fun activities for kids

Colouring with local graffiti artist’s designs

Anxiety/mental health/loneliness

How to reduce high anxiety now 

WHO guidance to support mental health during this time

MIND: coronavirus and your wellbeing

9 ways to stay positive during this period  

Blog from Anna Mathur, Psychotherapist – dealing with Coronavirus anxiety

Sensory stuck at home – support group on Facebook for adults

Telephone befriending service for the elderly

Living life to the full – Free online course to change your life for the better

Mindfulness and meditation

Autistic Health and Wellbeing – a space for autistic people to share things they have found helpful and healing

5 Ways to wellbeing

Self help resources for those with mental health conditions

Bereavement counselling 

Virtual tours

Museums and art galleries

Smithsonian Museum


Van Gogh Museum

12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours 

Google Art and Culture: Top 10 Museums you Can Explore

Roman fort 

Museums from around the world

Explore London’s top museums at home 

Explore London’s top art galleries at home


Landmarks and famous places

Landmarks in foreign countries, etc

Great Wall of China

Buckingham Palace


The Louvre

Taj Mahal

Red Square in Russia





International Space Station

Space Shuttle Discovery

Live webcams from around the world

Online learning

Open Culture – 1,500 courses from top unis

190 universities just launched 600 free online courses

University of Alabama – archaeology and Egyptology 

Open Learn 

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Learn: Courses, Audio Books, eBooks, Movies, Colouring Books and More


BBC languages


Open Culture – learn 48 languages

Learn 10 useful things to say in…

Sociology courses

Creative courses

A range of short, free online courses 

Cambridge University Press – 700 free textbooks in HTML

Cambridge university

Royal institute – lectures presenting science in an entertaining manner.

Periodic videos – Science-related YouTube videos 

Infobase databases and video streaming collections – Username: JCS_Distance and Password: learning to access:

iDEA – An international programme that helps you develop/demonstrate your digital, enterprise and employability skills for free

U3A – Online courses for mature students

Blocky games – Games to help beginners learn computer programming skills

Scratch – Beginners computer programming games/projects

T.K.S.S.T – Smart videos for curious minds of all ages

Geography and nature

National Geographic


Project Noah – view and share wildlife

Seterra – world geography, online quizzes 

Online film festival – resistance in the rainforest

Kent Wildlife association – simple ideas to help wildlife in the garden

World games

Wild Science Podcast

The relationship between humans and animals – podcast


Check the location/time zones of live-streamed concerts to calculate the UK start time. Time Zone calculator

Concerts online  – list of live streaming concerts

Free opera

Free classical orchestras – live streams

Free chamber music – live streams

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – live streams and archive

Announcements/lists – of worldwide performances being streamed

Livestream concerts list – artists and bands

Bands and artists – streaming performances 

Full length concerts – watch online free

Celebrities performing on social media

Facebook Virtual Choir – Duet with a choir online

Arts and culture

Black history – the black British experience

Google’s Frida Kahlo exhibit

J P Brewer– classic paintings

Walter’s Museum– past, present, and future exhibits

Rob Biddulph – draw-along videos via Twitter here

Google Arts and culture – Learn something new every day! 

British Museum – videos

BBC Radio 4 – world history podcasts

50 things that made modern economy – Podcasts

Marquee TV 

Exploration of the day

Drama Online


Audible – temporarily free, in 6 languages

Gutenburg – Download free books, e.g. Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc. 

Listening – for people with conditions that impact the ability to read or hold a book

Solomon Kingsnorth – classic books in PDF, Word and audiobook

Read great literature online

Read Free Literature – also includes study guides

50,000 free ebooks – arranged by genre

Open Library Access

Miscellaneous and entertainment

Expeditions App – VR augmentation app for all ages, for virtual trips around the world


Geopolitics podcast

10 best Broadway shows

Wind in The Willows – West End performance

Board Game arena

Open culture – 1,150 Free movies to watch online

Dance Physique – dance fitness videos 

Tai-Chi – the moves and the method

DIY and crafts – 25 foods you can re-grow at home from food scraps 

UK parliament  – politics, history, citizenship, etc for children and young people

Historical association – 20th century history

James Dyson foundation – challenge cards

Latest free stuff

Roll20 – build your own game or play with others