Consultations are a service we provide at low to no cost, due to grants we have received.

They’re a form of short term doulaing, or one off antenatals – bringing the practical, educational, and emotional support of doulas beyond the usual birth doula relationship.

How does it work?

We have a child friendly space in South Manchester where women can make an appointment with us any Friday afternoon.

We may be able to meet with you on other days, and in other locations. If you are interested in booking a consultation please get in touch.

Elle and Lauren will spend up to two hours, listening, holding space, and offering you physical, emotional and educational support. Doulas do not have clinical or medical training, and do not give advice.

What kinds of things can I talk about during a consultation?

That’s completely up to you. You can use our time together to discuss anything you like, in confidence.

Women who have had consultations with us so far have wanted to talk about:

  • disappointing or traumatic experiences surrounding pregnancy, birth, loss, the postpartum period, and fertility issues

  • preparing to get pregnant

  • conscious conception

  • difficult feelings around loss, fertility, maternity experiences

  • hopes and fears for an upcoming birth

  • what to expect in the fourth trimester

  • writing your birth plan

We are open to discussing anything that’s on your mind. You can be honest with us, and we will never judge you.

Is it like a debrief at the hospital?

Unfortunately hospital debriefs don’t always leave women feeling heard and understood. It can be hugely beneficial for women to have the opportunity to reflect back on their birth with a neutral person, especially if they are not feeling positive about their experience with medical professionals – someone who has no agenda but to listen with unconditional positive regard.

The cost for a 2 hour consultation with two doulas is £64. We are able to offer full and partial funding if the cost is prohibitive.

If you are interested in making an appointment please book a session using our Calendly Schedule, or get in touch if you have any questions.