Birth Doula

As your birth doulas, we will provide continuous support for you and your family throughout your pregnancy, birth, and the early days with your newborn.

Below is a general idea of what we can offer, but the care we provide is very much tailored to your individual needs, so it is really just a guide.

Initial Meeting

We offer a free meeting where we can meet face to face (most likely over a cuppa!) to get to know each other a little more. There is no expectation at all, and we are happy to get together for a chat either at your home or a place of your choosing. During this initial meeting we might discuss your birth preferences, any previous pregnancy experiences, your expectations of a doula, and any other questions you might have. We understand how personal the decision of choosing your doula is, so the most important thing is to make sure we are a good fit and you can get a better feel for whether we are the right doulas for you.

Labour and birth support

Once you are in labour, we will join you whenever it is right for you and stay with you until after your baby is born. We can support you at home before heading to the hospital or birth centre, or in the case of a home birth be there to support you before the midwife arrives. From the moment we join you in labour, we will be there as a continuous emotional, physical and practical support in whatever capacity you need. After your baby is born, we will stay until you are all settled and happy for us to leave.

Postnatal follow-up

After your baby is born we offer a postnatal meeting, during which we might discuss your birth experience and chat about how you and your baby are doing. Some women like to do this almost immediately, while others prefer to leave it longer. We are happy leave it up to you to decide when you are ready.

After this meeting, the circle is closed but the bond we will have built is not severed. You can always get in touch if you want to chat or get together. Beyond this, extra postnatal hours can be booked for additional support in the weeks and/or months after your little one is born.

If the unthinkable happens

Here’s the thing, and this can be hard to talk about. Of course we support women to have beautiful and empowering, joyful births, meeting with positivity and anticipation in the weeks and months beforehand. And of course we love to work postnatally with women who want help with feeding and understanding newborn behaviour, or an extra pair of hands around the house in the blur of the fourth trimester.

But the support we offer isn’t just for the happy births. We bring the same nurturing, loving, emotional and practical support to women giving birth in any trimester, in any situation.
We are there through grief, and shock, and doubt, and fear, and every kind of loss, because we are there for the woman and those she cares about. So please, if you’re wanting to hire a doula but waiting until after the first trimester, don’t hold off on our account. When we say we will hold space for anything you go through, we mean it, there is no limit to that from our side. If you were to endure a loss we would be right there with you, however you wanted us to be. We often hear, “I wish I’d had someone with me”, “I didn’t know who I could talk to”, “I didn’t know what to expect”, “people didn’t know what to say”, “I was treated with no compassion”, and “I wish I’d known all my options” when women open up about their miscarriages and stillbirths. So as difficult as it may be to discuss, we want women to know that we are there for them no matter what, and that we have funding for supporting loss.

Our doula support is always tailored to the woman and her individual circumstances, so if loss is something you want to talk about, we are completely open to it and will listen without judgement. And if it’s not, we won’t bring it up. Whatever you want to speak about, and wherever you’re at, we would be honoured to be your doulas.

Our fees

The cost for our birth doula package is £1500.

We are the only service to offer this level of commitment, and the opportunity to build a relationship with two doulas. Our fee reflects not only this, but our extensive experience in supporting women.

As a community interest company, are able to offer a fee reduction to the client in certain circumstances when we have funding available.

We also offer gift cards in various amounts, as people are realising that the experience of how we are born is more important than the stuff we accrue.

If you think we might be the right doulas for you, or you would like to chat more about how we might support you, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.