What does a doula do?

A doula offers unconditional practical and emotional support, throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and beyond.

But what that looks like to every woman, couple, and family, can look very different.

Sometimes we go to an interview and the client doesn’t feel they need to see us again until the birth, saying they like the energy and positivity we carry, and tell us to bring it when they call to say they’re in labour.

Clients sometimes require much more contact, so they call, text, and email regularly, with questions or updates about their pregnancies. Sometimes it’s knowing they have someone who will listen at all hours, and not feeling silly or imposing. It is often about having another person around you who understands your hopes and your worries. With clients who want it, we meet up in person more frequently, joining them on courses and for appointments, too.

We understand that no two clients are the same, so we keep our services flexible.

We serve the women who hire us, in the ways they feel are right for them. Because there are two of us, we can fully devote ourselves to the family we are caring for, without time constraints. We want you to feel we are accessible to you, nearby, and always willing to listen.

If you think you could benefit from what we do, please get in touch.