The Wild Mothering Circle


On Friday afternoons we gather in circle as wild mothers, in the Living Room at Home Cafe in Didsbury.

The group is so named because we try to recreate a little of the magic of red tents, or womens’ circles, during the day, in a child-friendly environment.

We show up as we are, and share whatever is going on for us. We listen to one another, we nurture each other, and we hold space for one another.

The wild part comes from it being a space for the mothers who may stand out at other groups for making decisions against the mainstream. We chose the term because we look to nature to inform our parenting. Women at this group are likely to do some or all of these wild things: breastfeed, elimination communication, babywear, cosleep, birth at home, use alternative medicine, cloth nappy, raise vegan children.

Each week’s group is based on a topic chosen by the attendees, and we don’t shy away from controversial subjects. WMC is a safe space where we welcome discussions and debate.
We open and close the circle with a minute’s meditation, which the babies seem to enjoy too!

Home Cafe is open during meetings for drinks and food, with vegan and veggie options. Children of all ages are welcome, and there are toys. This group is for mothers only, although you don’t need to bring your children.

When: 1 – 2.30pm every Friday
Where: The Living Room (on the left when you enter), Home Cafe, Emmanuel Church, 6 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 6TR

The Wild Mothering Circle Group