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Photo of doula Lauren holding her son TheoI’m Lori, mum to two young sons, and a radical birth keeper living in South Manchester.

Likely to be found playing the piano, wishing I could be eating vegan ice cream at Ice Shack with Elle or reading feminist books!

I am a lover of women, rainbows, crochet, doodling, having adventures with my boys, and of course all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Why am I a doula?

I was always meant to be a doula, it’s just who I am! However like most doulas, I discovered this work through my own experiences of becoming a mother. My journey to motherhood was unfortunately not an easy one. After traumatic losses in my first three pregnancies, my pregnancy with my first son was one full of fear and anxiety. Although I had the beautiful home birth I had planned and hoped for, I knew I wanted more support in the future. Second time around I had an equally beautiful home birth with the addition of a birth doula. Although the experience was not exactly as I had imagined, I saw how valuable doulas could be. I knew that I wanted to be able to offer that support to other women and their families.

Photo of doula Lauren and her youngest son FelixThings that matter

When I tell people that I am a doula they often assume that I chose this path for all the cute baby cuddles. Whilst I am known to coo at new baby rolls, I am 100% in this for the women I serve. I am passionate about women living and birthing in their power – however that looks for them.

It matters to me that the magic of physiological birth and a woman’s body is admired and respected by everyone involved in her journey. And it matters that her autonomy and right to choose is never questioned. Sadly I don’t see these qualities in standard maternity care and I have witnessed birth being frequently and unnecessarily medicalised. I love supporting women who recognise that they deserve so much more, and who are ready and willing to reclaim birth and step into their power.

In particular I specialise in supporting women who choose to birth outside of the system through wild pregnancy and freebirth.

Why I might be the right doula for you

✨ You want the support of a doula who wants to get to know YOU! Someone who sees that you are a whole woman, and so much more than just your pregnancy.

✨ You don’t want a doula who will assume authority or tell you what to do. Instead you are looking for another woman who will hold space for you to take the lead. Someone who will walk this journey alongside you.

your birth belongs to you

✨ You see birth as a normal, physiological event and not one that is inherently medical or unsafe.

✨ You value yourself and know that you deserve to birth in your power, and have women-centred support.

✨ You are not hiring a doula to tick a box. You want a doula who will be a valuable tool that you can access to support you with your inner work.

✨ You are open to critiquing, or even rejecting the medical model of maternity care and the way maternity services operate.

✨ You want to give birth at home 🏠

How might I support you?

My role as your doula is entirely guided by you and your needs, and wherever the road turns I will be ready to encourage and support you throughout your reproductive journey. I won’t judge and will hold space for whatever you need me to hold space for. What matters most is that you had all the information and support you needed to make the right decisions for you and your baby, so your experience can be a positive one.

I’d love to chat more so if you think you could benefit from our support please get in touch!

Photo of doula Lauren and her children Theo and FelixMy other hats!

As well as being a full spectrum doula and a mother to my boys, I support women in traumatic birth recovery and am also a trained babywearing peer supporter. Throughout the month I accompany Elle & Amy at Women Reclaiming Birth Circle, Freebirth Group, and South Manchester Home Birth Group meets.  I also run my own business Poco Bambino, making ethical bits and bobs for your little ones!

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