All about Amy

Hi there! 

I’m Amy, I live in Stretford, and I’m a sister, an Aunty and a doula. I love travelling and being outside in nature, but also love curling up inside with a hot water bottle and a book. I’m an introvert who likes to be independent and speak up for what I believe in.

Why am I a doula?

amy on the beachI found my love for all things birth when my oldest sister was pregnant for the first time. I was 13 years old and deeply fascinated by everything to do with her pregnancy and birth. Over time, as I got a little older and listened to people’s (sometimes strangers’) birth stories, I knew that this was something that I wanted to learn more about and as I did, I wanted to support women on their journey to a positive birth experience. I considered m idwifery for a short while, but when I heard about the role of a doula (from an episode of Gilmore Girls) and looked into it, I knew that this was the path for me! This is what I am supposed to do.

Things that matter

I’ve worked as a healthcare support worker for quite a while now, and still do occasionally, and through that I began to see cracks in the system. People weren’t being treated like the independent adults that they were. I’ve seen and heard stories of the same in the birth room. What matters is that women know that they are the lead in that birth room – and they should therefore be respected as such. I want women to feel strong and empowered by birth, and to know that they are in control. This knowledge is power, and when women’s choices are heard and respected in the birth room, they have a more positive birth experience. Wherever and however they choose to birth, they should be respected and supported. 

How might I support you?

Amy wearing glasses and dungareesAs a doula, a lot of what I do is during pregnancy. This is part of the role that I am really drawn to because the continuity of care, that familiar face when you go into labour, can mean the world of difference. Building a bond and an understanding is really helpful, and enhances my ability to be what you need me to be in the birth room – whether that be someone to lean on during your contractions, your chief tea-maker, your advocate or just that familiar person, quietly but fully supporting every decision you make along the way without judgement or agenda.

My other hats!

I do a couple of other jobs that aren’t birth related; I’m a healthcare support worker, predominantly working with patients who have had a stroke, and I work for my sister who has an online shop – I enjoy the variety of these hats!

I have recently joined Doulas Without Borders, an organisation that pairs up women who are experiencing financial hardship and vulnerabilities with volunteer doulas all over the country.  
Amy drinking teaWhen I’m not working, I volunteer at a Brownie Unit in Ashton on Mersey where I get to bestow some of my wisdom of independence and self-care onto the girls that attend.

I also volunteer for Projects Abroad and travelled to Tanzania to work alongside Midwives in a maternity unit over there. What an experience! 

I’m starting a van conversion project, with none of the tools or knowledge that is required, so this probably isn’t a hat yet (maybe just a headband?) but I might at some point be a travelling doula. 

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