The Doulas

We are the doulas of Greater Manchester Doulas CIC – Elle, Lori and Amy. The great thing about a doula collective is that we all bring our own knowledge and unique experiences to the table, so read on to hear more about what makes us who we are!

Photo of doula Elle James Photo of doula Lauren Parker Amy wearing glasses and dungarees 
Elle is a doula living in South Manchester with her kids, dogs, and cats. She is usually found crocheting or playing video games. Being a full spectrum doula is her true passion and purpose. Lori is a mum of two and a full spectrum doula living in South Manchester. She is a lover of women, rainbows, playing the piano, having adventures with her boys and of course all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Amy is a sister, an Aunty and a birth doula living in Old Trafford. She loves travelling and being outside in nature, but also loves curling up inside with a hot water bottle and a book. She likes to be independent and speak up for what she believes in.